SSD Krishna Vatika Sr Sec School


As a part of the school counselling program we intend to create a happy and stress free environment for our children to grow, flourish and bloom into happy individuals. We believe that every child is unique in terms of the strengths and talents they possess and the challenges they need to overcome. We plan to empower our children by helping them develop important skills like decision making, taking responsibility, time management, respecting each other as individuals. In order to achieve these goals we would be conducting self development workshops in the school from time to time and aim towards a holistic all round development of our children.

School Counselling Program

Individual and Group Counselling Sessions: These would help the students deal with challenges in academics, relationships and behavioural issues enabling them to adapt to their environment in the best possible way and prepare them for the journey of life.

Identifying children with special needs

The first step in problem solving is the correct identification of the issue. Through the process of educational assessment and conducting play observations students would be assessed for their level of functioning thereby identifying the area of deficits and taking appropriate measures to fill up the gaps.

Life Skill Sessions

The session would be conducted to prepare students for life by developing skills like problem solving, critical thinking, decision making, time management etc.

Parental Counselling

As the child’s world consists of a combination of the home and school environment, parental counselling would be an integral part of the school counselling program. Parents can also meet the school counsellor by taking prior appointments.

Experiential learning workshops

The Workshops are conducted for parents and teachers from time to time. These would aim at empowering them with effective measures to deal with issues related to children and be able to form a healthy connect with them.

Career Guidance

Individual sessions and group workshops would be conducted for student to make appropriate career choices based on their aptitudes and goals in life. The career guidance would follow a holistic approach enabling the students to make informed decisions regarding one of the most important aspects of their life.